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Harmonix has 'no plans to stop' weekly Rock Band DLC releases


Rock Band Weekly has been in our lives for over four years and the beat will go on. Harmonix told us at GDC 2012 that it has no plans on stopping the weekly release of downloadable tracks for the Rock Band platform.

"We've been really pleased with the continued performance of Rock Band downloadable content. We've delivered over four years of weekly DLC and over 3500 songs for the music platform, and we have no plans to stop weekly releases any time soon," Harmonix emcee of communications John Drake told Joystiq. "Fans can tell us what songs they want by visiting our new Rock Band Dashboard Facebook App and voting for their favorite artists using the built-in Wishlist feature."

Harmonix has no intentions of launching Rock Band 4 this year. The company is currently working on several projects, which can be derived from job postings on the developer's site, including some kind of downloadable title.

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