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Bethesda and Mojang settle, Scrolls will keep its name


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Everything's coming up Notch. The Swedish indie game rockstar has so much money he's giving it away, presented several GDC panels to adoring throngs, and has even sparked a fashion trend (Notch hats were the accessory at GDC). And now he's settled with Bethesda over the use of the name "Scrolls".

Notch tweeted today that the two companies had settled, adding "Yaaaay! <3" Mojang had been locked in a court case with Bethesda, who claimed that the title of the upcoming game was too close to the "Elder Scrolls" series name. Notch later tweeted details of the agreement: "The settlement is that we give them the trademark," he said, "get to keep the name, and won't make an Elder Scrolls competitor using the name." Not that it was likely to in the first place.

Source: @notch
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