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Armature Studio assisting with Metal Gear Solid: HD Edition on Vita


In 2008, staff from Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios broke off to form a new company, called Armature. Though it was initially partnered with EA, nothing has come of that deal, and to date no projects have come out that are officially attached to Armature.

It's quite a surprise, then, to see the studio's name on this Japanese website for the PlayStation Vita version of Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection. Its name is listed as co-developer along with fellow Austin studio Bluepoint Games, who was responsible for the console versions (and many other HD remakes of this generation).

So if you decide to pick up Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 in handheld form this summer (June in Japan), you'll be playing the first game(s) by Armature Studio!

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