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Breakfast Topic: What's the most killed boss in the game?


In all of WoW, what's the most killed boss in the game? I think it's got to be a low-level one, sub-60, simply by merit of the fact that those bosses have been around the longest. Furthermore, they get killed by more characters. Those of us who get characters to about level 20 before deleting them will probably have done Ragefire Chasm once, so maybe it's Targaman the Hungerer.

But what counts as a boss in this context? If Hogger could count, he'd take it easily. I mean, he is a boss in his new home in the basement of Stormwind, sure, but he hasn't been for long.

What about raid bosses? Who's the most killed raid boss in the game? It's got to be the first boss of a given instance. Maybe Lord Marrowgar? I reckon, based purely on subscriber numbers, that The Lich King will be the most killed end boss.

What do you think?

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