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Endless Space is new 4X strategy game from ex-Ubi, EA devs


Endless Space is a 4X sci-fi strategy game by Amplitude Games, a new Paris outfit made up of former Electronic Arts and Ubisoft folks. A couple things make this announcement interesting. For starters, given their pedigree, the devs plan to come at this game from the potential blockbuster mentality, a rare occurence in the strategy genre. The other is the developer is looking for the community to get involved in what it's calling the "GAMES2GETHER" initiative.

"Few industries have such a vocal community and even fewer have the luxury of listening to the feedback that it provides," said Amplitude CEO Mathieu Girard. "Now that we're independent and get to call the shots, the whole team shares the dream of bringing this interactivity and support one step further."

Those interested in participating in the process can sign up at the Endless Space site. Given how few and far between good 4X strategy games come along, we won't be mad if this one fails -- we'll just be very disappointed in everyone participating in the process.

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