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Harvest Moon creator Wada forms Toybox Inc.


Yasuhiro Wada has had a long career. He's best known for creating the Harvest Moon series at Victor Interactive Software, which later became known as Marvelous Entertainment. Later, he became CEO of Marvelous, a position he left in 2010 to become COO of Grasshopper Manufacture.

Now, Wada is returning to creative work, and has formed his own company, called Toybox Inc., a two-man operation with former Marvelous producer Tomio Kanazawa (who worked on Deadly Premonition when Marvelous published it in Japan). They have three projects in the works -- the PS3 update of Deadly Premonition, and two others they may announce at E3.

Like Mistwalker, the two creators plan to work with development partners on each game. "Toybox is only two," Wada told me. "We are the control hub." The new company will support "all" console and handheld platforms, and Wada plans to make "not so big, but not download" games.

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