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HBO confirms negotiations with Fox and Universal for iCloud video streaming


You may recall that after last week's introduction of the new Apple TV, we noted that Fox and Universal weren't providing iCloud video streaming content due to existing contractual obligations with HBO. Well, that's a temporary situation, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HBO is working with Fox and Universal to give the studios a bit more leeway in providing films for distribution for streaming services.

HBO spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to get "exclusive windows" during which HBO has the right to show movies on its channels and through the online service HBO Go. The company is in negotiations to allow users of iCloud and other services to send movies that they already own to other devices.

According to sources at Fox and Universal, the iCloud restrictions should be lifted in the near future. HBO already loosened the ties on Warner Bros. content, which is why that studio was listed as a streaming content provider during the Apple event.

In other television / movie news, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves told the Hollywood Reporter that he was approached by Steve Jobs about providing the network's shows to a subscription content service. Moonves said that he had concerns that the service could disrupt the traditional revenue streams for CBS, and that Jobs strongly disagreed with him -- not unsurprising, knowing the late Apple CEO's penchant for always being right.

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