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IBM demonstrates Deep Thunder weather app on iPad


Almost everyone knows about Deep Blue, the chess playing supercomputer. But have you heard of its counterpart Deep Thunder? If you haven't, you will, because it may be coming to iOS as an iPad app, says IBM in an IdeaLab article on the Talking Points Memo website.

Deep Thunder, like Deep Blue, is a parallel processing supercomputing system. Instead of chess, Deep Thunder is designed to assist with weather forecasting. It takes weather data from a variety of sources like the NOAA and the USGS and crunches that data to provide a detailed weather forecast.

IBM says Deep Thunder "allows for an unprecedented granular look at incoming weather over an 84-hour period in a specific location, down to within a square mile, much more detailed than any other current weather forecast can provide."

Not only would this be fantastic for iOS users, it would also be useful for landscapers and other people whose jobs are influenced by the weather. There's no timetable for release, but Talking Points Memo did see a working, but rudimentary version of the app.

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