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Camera+ 3.0 now available, integrated into other apps via API


The popular Camera+ app (US$0.99) has just received an update to version 3.0 that adds new functionality as well as an API that has already been used by a number of top name developers to add the Camera+ functionality to a variety of apps.

When I say that Camera+ is popular, I'm not exaggerating -- the app is the 10th best-selling iPhone app of all time, and the 7 millionth copy of Camera+ was recently sold. Not only does the app have a beautiful new icon (see above), but it has added features that will expand the popularity of this iPhoneography app:

  • There's a new service that allows images to be shared to multiple sites simultaneously with a tap. Not only can you blast images to a number of Twitter accounts, but also to Facebook and Flickr -- all at once.
  • A new "shoot and share" workflow. The normal Camera+ workflow involves shooting as many photos as you'd like, and then editing those photos after a shooting session. With shoot and share, each image is edited immediately after being taken. This is perfect for images that are going to be shared on social networks.
  • There's now a way to add multiple images at one time from your photo library to the Camera+ Lightbox for editing.
  • The Clarity feature, which provides automatic enhancement to images, has been tuned to provide better results.
  • Camera+ 3.0 has added new focus and exposure locks that are incredibly useful when taking tripod shots with a Glif or other iPhone tripod mount.

As noted, Camera+ developer Tap Tap Tap has also made an API available for adding the amazing camera and "darkroom" functionality of Camera+ to other apps. So far, the WordPress, Tweetbot, Twitterrific and Foodspotting apps have added the capabilities. If you're a developer who would like to add Camera+ to your app, check out the API information here.

For the rest of you, go get the update now or purchase the app already!

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