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First trailer for Anna, a pretty, spooky and pretty spooky title from Italy [Update]


This little indie ditty has been on our radar for a few months now, intriguing us with slick graphics and a mysterious, vague storyline that seems to smear the line between Dear Esther and Amnesia. Anna takes inspiration from ancient legends in Val D'Ayas, a scenic valley in northern Italy, developer Dreampainters says. Anna is a PC-exclusive, point-and-click exploration title which, as is obvious in the above trailer, has a dark, subtly terrifying edge to it.

It has three different endings, each taking about three hours to complete, thus bringing the entire experience to around nine hours. Anna is coming at a "budget price," according to Dreampainters.

Update: That's definitely the release date at the end of the trailer up there, so keep a lookout for Anna on May 18, 2012. We'd look out for it ourselves, but apparently we need to get our glasses checked.

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