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Fujifilm to fix 'blooming issue' on X10 and X-S1 cameras


Have shots of bright highlights from your retro X10 or X-S1 been subject to a white disc or blooming effect? A quick perusal of enthusiast photography website DPReview reveals you're not alone, with Fujifilm now acknowledging the issue and promising two fixes. The first phase takes the form of updated firmware, already out for the X10 and coming March 21st for the XS-1, which recognizes problematic bloom-inducing scenarios and compensates by increasing ISO in EXR mode to diminish it. That'll pacify owners until late May, when the company says a redesigned sensor for the duo of digital shooters will become available. It's unclear if the company will reach out to owners of both cams about the retrofit, or if only those who inquire will be privy to the updated hardware. As to why the cameras even shipped this way, the company says its engineers concluded both were working within "prescribed tolerances." Either way, owners should call their local authorized Fujifilm service center for more details.

Update: Thanks all who let us know the X10 received its firmware fix already -- we just amended the post.

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