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Mass Effect 3 Datapad companion app now available


It's brunch. You and your friends are having a heated debate on the intricacies of Elcor inflection and what caused their massive, elephant-like genetic evolution. Your friend is dead wrong about all of it.

Sure, you could open up your phone's browser and head over to Wikipedia, searching for something that would help you win this argument and harvest the subsequent experience points. Or you could open up your Mass Effect 3 Datapad and access its rich codex database spanning all three games.

Aside from the aforementioned codex, Mass Effect 3 Datapad sends you messages from your in-game cohorts and from the Alliance News Network. There's also a mini-game called Galaxy at War, which lets you deploy ships to increase your Galactic Readiness level for the Mass Effect 3 single-player campaign.

The app is free to download on iPhone 3GS and later iDevices, and available in the App Store right now.

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