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Roamz iPhone app gets a facelift, new features in version 2.0


When it comes to location-based social networking apps, Roamz isn't exactly a name that may pop into your brain. But a new version of Roamz (free) could provide a boost to the fortunes of the iPhone app.

Roamz works by giving users information about what's going on in their area in real time. The app merges local content and social media to provide both info and reviews about restaurants, festivals, and other events. When searching the local area for events, Roamz pulls in results from Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, and Twitter. Like Foursquare, Roamz allows users to share moments and check in on other social networks.

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The app is now integrated with Google Maps, providing ease of finding hot spots, and Roamz has added voting and commenting features to provide community feedback about locations and events. The Roamz back-end uses machine learning to give more relevant results to users the more the system is used.

Existing users should already have the update notice on their iPhones, while those who haven't tried the app can nab it today in the App Store.

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