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Scope out MechWarrior Online's high-octane action


It's one thing to hear about how exciting an upcoming game might be, but it's something else to see it for yourself. While we were certainly impressed with what we heard and saw about MechWarrior Online from this past week's GDC, we weren't able to show you how the game actually plays. Until now, that is!

Piranha Games just released its first public video showing in-game footage of MechWarrior Online. In it, three 'Mechs -- an Atlas, a Jenner, and a Hunchback -- are duking it out in one of the game's wilderness arenas. While the video is short, there's plenty of sweet details to pick out, such as a barrage of missiles arcing toward a foe, battle-damage on enemy 'Mechs, and serious-looking warnings that pop up on the player's HUD.

MechWarrior Online is slated for a summer 2012 release. You can check out the gameplay video after the jump!

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