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Peter Molydeux game jam may include real Molyneux, March 31 to April 1


Peter Molydeux
may be recognized on some level as a comedic genius, satirizing Fable creator Peter Molyneux on Twitter in the form of outlandish, brilliant game proposals, such as:

It's turning out that Molydeux may just be a genius, all comedic modifiers aside. Yesterday, after the world premiere of the above trailer for Molydeux's latest parody, Pin Drop, things turned serious. Anna Kipnis of Double Fine tweeted the idea of a game jam "where each team picks an idea from @petermolydeux and goes for it," and Molydeux responded that he would give any jam based on his "world-changing designs" his "blessing and support."

Today we have MolyJam2012, set to run March 31 through April 1 (April Fool's Day) in San Francisco and overseas in Brighton, but developers around the world are invited to join via a shared sign-up sheet, Molydeux tweeted.

Organizers behind MolyJam2012 include Anna Kipnis, Brandon Sheffield, Patrick Klepek, Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Joe Kowalski and Edward Parris, Vox Games reported, noting that Molydeux himself won't be able to attend the event -- but he is signed up on the spreadsheet. Molyneux (the real one this time) has signed up to follow MolyJam2012 online and may even attend the Brighton meeting in person, Vox said.

One of Molydeux's games has already become virtual reality, with Good Bye, My Love!, a "game where an asteroid is about to hit earth, the aim is not to stop it but to say goodbye to every family member. You have 120 of them," as described by Molydeux. Scroll through Molydeux's game-proposal tweets for an idea of what to expect from this particular game jam, and let's all hope for the best. Like, "radioactive babies" best.

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