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Seven Souls Online open beta brings open PvP, new zones

Jef Reahard

Free-to-play betas are something of a running joke around these parts, and it's not uncommon to see such games undergoing prolonged testing periods for months (or even years). Seven Souls Online might be breaking that mold, though, as the title is heading into open beta tomorrow after the conclusion of its closed beta that began earlier this year.

The NEOWIZ title is heavy on martial arts action, and the new beta will raise the level cap to 40 as well as introduce the new Dragonscale Valley zone, the Inferno dungeon, and open-world PvP combat. Said PvP becomes available at level 31, and you can learn more about Seven Souls -- as well as sign up for beta -- on the game's official website.

[Source: NEOWIZ Games press release]

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