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Apple to would-be iPad scalpers: don't queue up outside


To avoid the near riot that rocked the iPhone 4S launch in China, Apple is telling Hong Kong iPad scalpers that lines are not allowed, says a report from The Next Web. Apple's note confirms that it won't be selling the iPad on a first-come, first-served basis in Hong Kong this Friday. Instead, Apple will use a reservation system that requires customers to sign up in advance and show a government-issued photo ID before they can buy an iPad.

This is doing little to dissuade the determined scalpers who are keen to circumvent Apple's order reservation system. Scalpers will likely arrange in advance to have people buy the iPad for them or offer to buy an iPad from customers as they leave the Apple Store. Apple can't stop scalpers from obtaining iPads using those methods, but it's doing what it can to protect its employees by dissuading the formation of lines.

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