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    Daily iPhone App: Bitter Sam drops down into the depths


    Bitter Sam is an interesting title, not necessarily because of its mechanics (it's basically a tilting avoidance title), but just because it's so unapologetically quirky. You play as a little kid named Sam, who swings back and forth on a rope as he's systematically lowered deeper and deeper into more and more dangerous levels. It's such a weird little premise for a game that I have to recommend it.

    Not that the gameplay is bad -- you swing Sam back and forth, basically trying to avoid dangerous obstacles, while also trying to collect gems as you go further and further, across 5 different worlds and over 100 different levels. But the gameplay doesn't stand out as much as the game's setting, and watching poor little, bitter Sam be so depressed as he's lowered down (and routinely dies in horrible ways) is worth the price of admission.

    Bitter Sam is a universal app from a developer called Moon Active. It's out and available right now for 99 cents.

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