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iFixit tears down the third generation iPad (Updated)


iFixit got its hands on a third generation iPad as soon as it went on sale in Australia today. As they boasted on Twitter, "the first legit-purchased, legit-owned iPad 3 is now also the first legit-opened iPad... in the world."

The iPad 2 and the iPad 3 have different displays and the teardown analysis suggests the two devices have different display connectors. The model number on the retina display suggests this one is a Samsung-made LCD. iFixit has identified two chips that could be the RAM, they need to do more digging to confirm. There's also a beautiful shot of the A5X processor as shown above.

You can check out the full teardown and ogle all the internals of the new iPad on iFixit's website.

Update: According to iFixit, there are "two Elpida LP DDR2. Each package is 512 MB for a total of 1 GB."

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