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Skyfire browser brings account switching to iPad with HotSwap

Skyfire is among the most popular third-party browser apps in the App Store, bringing quite a few solid browsing features that mobile Safari doesn't have to the iPhone and the iPad. And here's yet another one: The latest update to Skyfire adds account switching capabilities, so multiple users on one device can have their bookmarks, history, account logins, and all other browser settings set for them when they first log in to the app.

While we have seen information that many households run more than one iOS device, there are certainly plenty of houses out there where the family shares one iPad, and in those situations (as the company's trailer shows), account switching can be very helpful.

Skyfire's feature is called HotSwap, and allows for up to four different accounts to be used on one device at one time. The app's probably most famous for allowing users to watch Flash-based videos on the iPad, by separately compressing and then streaming them straight to the device. You can pick up Skyfire on the App Store now for $2.99.

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