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Spirit Tales threatens cuteness overload as closed beta begins


Free-to-play MMO developer/publisher KoramGame Ltd. has announced that its nauseatingly adorable title Spirit Tales is making the jump into closed beta. The chibi-anime-style game boasts extensive character customization with "over 40 million unique fashion combinations for your character," while further customization is possible with the game's pet system. Almost any creature in the game can be captured and tamed as a pet, after which point players can either summon their pets as battle companions or merge with them in order to enhance their characters' abilities.

Yann Wang, General Manager of KoramGame, is enthusiastic about the game's beta test, stating that the game's "unique character customization and pet system" and "explosive PvP battles and intense instanced dungeons are sure to win [players] over." Of course, there's only way to test the veracity of his statement, and that's to head on over to the game's official site and get in on the test yourself. But be sure to act quickly; testing slots for this phase are limited.

[Source: KoramGame Ltd. press release]

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