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Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Arenas, Arthas statue


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Blue posts

Nakatoir -- Arenas

There needs to be a large overhaul of the Arena system.

We can see some reasons here why you feel this, but what is the over-arching reason for why you feel that the arena system currently does not function optimally and needs to undergo such dramatic changes? As of right now, I feel that the arena system works quite well. I am enjoying myself when I enter arena because of the competition side of it, as well as looking forward to both upgrading my gear more and ...hopefully...winning a title and mount at the end of the season :D


So what should happen is that when you join Arena you get a full set of Gear and when you leave it, you no longer have that set

So you would like to see standardised stats and gear for all who enter arena so that the gear you have earned does not affect your performance? This could cause a large number of the PvP community to stop arena as they would no longer see a result of earning their new shiny gear, I agree that the standardised gear would make the playing-field more even but where would I be able to let loose with all of my awesome new gear? :'( How could such a problem be remedied?


Thirdly, you have to start giving our desire-able rewards.

The reason I see that players aim to receive the title and mount is for the prestige that can be displayed with them. However if you feel that this can be done better through different types of rewards, what type of prizes for the seasons winners would you like to see?


But anyway, lets get back on topic please!

I agree, this thread looks great so far, everyone. Please remain as constructive and on topic as possible, we do not want to see this thread become derailed or have any other similar issues, so stay on topic. ^^



You could give rating based gear that has diffrent colours? Just give it no stats so you can transmog into it to show off your rating you've achived?

So, you do not want your Arena gear to give any stats - just something you can transmog the gear you get from other sources into for the looks and your stats are standardised in your arena matches?

Sideshow Unveils Arthas Statue -- Pre-Orders Now Open
We were simply blown away when we saw the final painted prototype of Sideshow Collectibles' Arthas Menethil statue on our recent trip to their Thousand Oaks facility.

Blizzard Entertainment and Sideshow Collectibles are proud to announce this incredible new polystone statue that perfectly captures the former paladin's icy terror. Meticulously sculpted by fine artist Brian Fay (whose body of work includes the Headless Horseman and Arthas deluxe figures from DC Direct) this museum-quality maquette realizes the Lich King as never before at a massive 19 inches (482 mm) high, atop a glacier-blue base. Hand-painted, frosted, and finished with unique edition numbers, Arthas represents just the first in an as-of-yet undisclosed new series of collectible offerings for 2012 and beyond.

To see more images of the final piece or to pre-order the limited edition collectible (shipping Winter 2012 at a suggested retail price of $349.99), head on over to Sideshow's website.

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