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Visualized: giant 'metal moles' ready to chew through London's underground


The city of London will soon have a new underground train to climb aboard, dubbed the Crossrail. But, before anyone can ride the line, tunnels will have to be dug. That means its time to break out the TBM beasts. Over 490 feet long and topping 1,000 metric tons, these giant metal moles will slowly carve new tunnels under the city at about 330 feet per week. At that rate the Crossrail won't open until 2018 but, until then, we can all sleep soundly knowing that machines -- more than thrice as tall as a man -- are slowly eating away at the largest city in the British Isles from underneath. For more images of London's mayor, Boris Johnson, standing next to the German-made monstrosities, dressed in his daddy's suit hit up the source link.

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