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HP sneaks out new dv4, dv6, dv7 and g4 Pavilion laptops, Ivy Bridge in tow (video)


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We know Ivy Bridge is close to landing, but when damn it, when? Until we know for sure, what about these new notebooks from HP that sneaked out with barely a flicker of ballyhoo. There are four new Pavilions on their way, the dv4-5000, dv6-7000, dv7-6000 and g4-2000. All of them are getting the Ivy Bridge treatment bar the g4, which sticks with Sandy Bridge. The dv4 and dv6 both sport 2.3GHz i7-3610QM processors, GeForce GT630M graphics, Beats Audio and 14-inch or 15.6-inch (1366 x 768) displays respectively. The dv7 model steps things up with a 2.6GHZ i7-3720QM chip, GeForce GT 650M graphics and 17.3-inches of 1920 x 1080 screen. The g4, on the other hand, comes in a range of processing flavors, including the i3-2350M and i5-2450M Sandy Bridge variants and a 14-inch screen. The g-series will likely carry a £399 (about $630) price-tag, while the dv6 and dv7 are rumored start around £599 ($940) when they eventually land potentially in April -- but don't count your chickens. Full specs in the source, and promo videos after the break.

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