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Previously on MVTV: The week of March 10th


This week was another exciting week for livestreaming. If you missed it, don't worry! I'm here to show off some of the best moments from the previous week. Of course, you could always bookmark our Livestream guide so that you never miss a show again!

This week we have some EVE Online action with Mike, followed by his adventures in RIFT. Richie is back in Guild Wars for some adventures in Kryta. I took a tour of some amazing art spots in Second Life to show just how wonderful the world is for artists and other creative people, then I finally finished my One Piercing Note quest in RuneScape (with the help of the chat room, of course!). Are you curious about Lime Odyssey? I was allowed to be the very first person to stream it live during alpha. I have to say, it sure is a polished alpha. I thought I was playing a released title. Lastly, Psykopig checked out Age of Conan and made us all laugh... he's good at that!

EVE Online banner
Well folks, Mike finally did it. He flew out into the depths of dangerous low-sec space and returned with a full cargo hold of completely worthless minerals. If you've ever wanted to see what mysteries hide in the more dangerous areas of EVE Online's virtual space, this is the stream to watch. And this time, Mike didn't even accidentally explode!

RIFT banner
Mike pushed his Mage to the limit and closed off a couple of very cool rifts in this week's stream. He also threw about a thousand fireballs and got one-shotted by a villain he didn't notice until it was far too late. Yes folks, this is what it's like when a man who is terrible at MMOs plays an MMO in public -- hilarious, exciting and incredibly embarrassing.

Guild Wars banner
While Richie was off gallivanting in Wakfu and SWTOR last week, the White Mantle increased their stranglehold in Kryta. At the direction of Princess Salma, he targeted several key members of the nefarious organization and scheduled them for termination. Did he succeed? Did he fail? Did the chat room talk about Guild Wars 2 non-stop? Answers to all of these questions and more will be revealed if you watch the show!

Second Life banner
I had a great time showing off art work in Second Life this week. There was so much to choose from that I seriously had a hard time picking which ones I wanted to show on the stream. It turns out that one of my favorite instillation pieces is still up -- you can see it in the middle of the stream. I also explore a group of art installations that attempt to recreate famous poems. I walk through words, explore exotic landscapes, and immerse myself in the poems themselves, all thanks to the talent of Second Life residents and the tools that the world provides. What a great avenue for art!

RuneScape banner
I also ventured back into RuneScape on Thursday to finally tackle the One Piercing Note quest. For some reason I never finished it, so I felt compelled to use the chat room to help me. Sure enough, one of the watchers had a great hint ("right-click"), and I was on my way to the cliffhanger ending! Unfortunately, I did not quite reach the point of finsishing it before the stream was done, but I did shortly afterward. If you have ever wanted to see what Jagex can do with a fully voice-acted quest in RuneScape, check this stream out!

Lime Odyssey banner
I also had an exclusive look at Lime Odyssey and was the first person allowed to show the game live. I didn't get to check out nearly as much as I had wanted because the alpha was shutting down early, but if you watch it, you'll see just how impressive the game looks so far. It's almost an Allods Online-junior, set in another universe. It's very stylized, well-made, and a lot of fun to play. You can craft if you don't want to fight or become the toughest character on the virtual block. Check this one out!

Age of Conan banner
The ever-lovable Psykopig laid in to some Age of Conan this week and did not disappoint. He rolled through lovely environments and chopped his way through a series of enemies like a giant plant, a massive gorilla, and a scary stuffed bear! OK, well maybe not the bear, but you get the picture. Psykopig is known for his witty on-screen banter, but he streams at insanely early hours for the viewers from the US. This is the perfect time to check out his streams!

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.

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