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AT&T sets single day sales, activation record with iPad


While the company hasn't provided specific numbers, AT&T announced this morning that the new iPad set a single-day sales and activation record in the 24 hours of availability.

In a short statement from AT&T, the company said that it had encountered "robust demand for the new iPad." Shortly thereafter, Apple CEO Tim Cook echoed those comments during this morning's "cash call" by announcing a record weekend of iPad sales.

While AT&T's 4G LTE network is much smaller than that of competitor Verizon, the new iPad -- which is the first to support 4G LTE -- could be a real draw for AT&T customers who want more speed when they're mobile.

As of the end of the December quarter, Apple had sold 55 million iPads. Piper Jaffray analyst and TUAW favorite Gene Munster noted last week that he expected Apple to move over a million iPads on Friday. Since Wall Street expects Apple to sell about 10.1 million iPads in the current quarter, the hot launch of the latest iPad could be the first sign of another record-breaking quarter.

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