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    Daily iPad App: Word Jigsaw challenges you to spell while you complete a puzzle


    Word Jigsaw mixes two of my favorite games. It's a word game that challenges you to spell words and it's a puzzle game that requires you to build a jigsaw puzzle. The game starts with a puzzle that has a variety of pieces. You can choose the puzzle size -- the tiny one has five pieces while the giant one has twenty. Each piece has letters that are used to spell a word. The game tracks your time while you build the puzzle and spell the words. If you get stuck, there's a hint button that'll place a puzzle piece for you.

    You can't just put the pieces together and hope the words turn out right. On more than one occasion, I was able to complete the puzzle, but the words were wrong. In those cases, I had to start over and build the words first and then fit the puzzle pieces together. There's no game center integration, but the app keeps track of your time and shows your average completion time and your record time in the stats section.

    If you enjoy word games, then Word Jigsaw deserves a spot on your iPad or iPhone because it's both challenging and fun. It's not a mindless game, but one that requires you to think and plan as you build your words.

    Word Jigsaw supports the retina iPad and is a universal app that's available for both the iPad and the iPhone. The free version includes ads and three levels, but you can remove the ads and unlock all the levels by purchasing the full game for US$1.99. You can also buy a bucket of hints for 99-cents which will remove the ads.

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