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    Daily iPhone App: Draw Something


    We've already posted about Draw Something a few times for business reasons -- the title is just blowing up the App Store, and has already overtaken all of Zynga's titles as the most popular social game app on Apple's platform. But the game, available now, is definitely worth a try as well. I've been playing it all weekend long, and even though it's way more casual than the games I usually play, there is something very fascinating about this artistic back and forth.

    We've seen games do this on the App Store before -- Charadium and Depict are two good examples, and there are other options out there as well. But Draw Something's charm is in its simplicity -- there are really no points to speak of, and you don't even really win or lose. If the player trying to guess a drawing doesn't get it, they just pass, and then you move on to the next guess. You do have a combo sort of going back and forth, and you are trying to earn coins (which can be used to buy extra colors to draw with, and consumable hints, essentially), so there are some game elements there, but Draw Something is basically a picture messaging service, and the pleasure in it is seeing how your friends have approached putting a word to an image.

    Unfortunately, Draw Something's simplicity is also its main drawback (sorry). There's no way to save or archive the pictures you draw outside of just taking screenshots (press the iOS sleep and home buttons at the same time), and there have been some really good ones out there. Given how social the game is, it seems a little nuts that there's no "share this picture on Twitter or Facebook," but maybe that's for cross-platform compatibility (or will just be added in the future). Those looking for a little more than just fun with friends might be disappointed by the game's UI as well -- it's extremely simple.

    But all that said, there is an addictive glee to Draw Something, no question, that makes it definitely worth trying out. 30 million people can't be wrong, right? The game is available in a 99 cent version without ads, or a free version with ads included.

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