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Indie documentary Us and the Game Industry raises $20,000 to finish film


Us and the Game Industry's common dreams ltd squeaked by its deadline with $20,256 of its $20,000 Kickstarter goal -- not that raising tens of thousands of dollars from 373 people is exactly "squeaking by." Us and the Game Industry will officially be able to continue production, complete shooting and edit its footage of successful indie developers into a complete movie, its Kickstarter page reads.

Us and the Game Industry began filming in March 2009, so this isn't a bandwagon response to the success of Indie Game: The Movie; it's merely a different approach. Where Indie Game featured a host of relatively (and previously) unknown developers working on unreleased titles, Us follows more established powerhouses, including thatgamecompany as it builds Journey over three years, Johann Sebastian Joust's Douglas Wilson of Die Gut Fabrik, Jason Rohrer of Inside a Star-Filled Sky and "more," common dreams promises.

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