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Opera's TV browser strides into Berryville, population one


The lips of Intel's PR team have barely delivered the final superlative about its new Berryville set-top silicon, and already software houses are confirming support. In this case it's Opera, who has been quick to announce that its TV-based WebGL browser plays nice with the new Atom Media Processor CE5300 (to give it its full name), which given Opera's cross-platform proliferation, isn't surprising really. We're sure a slew of others will follow soon, but for now you can rest easy knowing that one of the internet's oldest living browsers will work on tech you don't even have yet.

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Opera TV technology now available for latest Intel 32nm System on Chip
Opera Devices SDK powers WebGL on Intel's set-top box platform
London, UK - March 20, 2012

Today Opera Software announced that its TV browser with WebGL™ runs on the recently launched Intel® Atom™ Media Processor CE5300. Visitors to the Intel and Opera booths at the IP&TV World Forum in London can see a WebGL demonstration of advanced graphics using HTML5 and JavaScript, where games and interactive 3-D options are available directly in the browser.

WebGL extends the capability of web standards by directly accessing the powerful graphics hardware on the chipset to implement interactive 3-D graphics in a browser - without the need for plug-ins. WebGL brings the power of OpenGL into the hands of JavaScript developers, making it possible to implement advanced 3D graphics with smooth animations and cool effects.

Opera Software and Intel worked together previously to bring the Opera Mobile web browser to Intel-based Android devices, a collaboration that was announced in February.

"Opera with WebGL on Intel Atom Media Processor CE5300 brings fantastic graphics capabilities to application and game developers, and makes it possible to make cross-platform HTML5 applications shine on TVs and set-top boxes," said Frode Hernes, Vice President of TV Products, Opera Software. "It is rewarding to continue our relationship with Intel and work together on new ways of access the web on connected devices."

The powerful and versatile Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) is a framework for OEMs to develop or deploy user interfaces, applications, browsers or internet multimedia services on their devices. The SDK is part of Opera's commitment to making the web available everywhere, as well as giving the best internet experience on any device. Opera partners and customers that use the SDK and other Opera technologies come from all different markets, such as gaming, home appliances, automobile, set-top boxes and TVs.

Find Opera at booth 95 in the Olympia Exhibition Center at IP&TV World Forum in London, held March 20-22. To schedule an interview or demo, contact Slawomir SochajSlawomir Sochaj ssochaj[at] You can also see the Intel® Atom™ Media
Processor CE5300 demonstration in Intel's area at booth 39. Visit to learn more. See the Opera TV browser video.

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