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Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 coming to 3DS, along with 'classic' 2D game


Some kind of "presentation" of Epic Mickey 2 will occur next week, according to a tweet from France's Nintendo Magazine. Being a Nintendo magazine, the publication specifically highlights a 3DS version called "Power of Illusion" – a name that recalls classic Mickey games like World of Illusion and Castle of Illusion. The tweet also points to a "classic" 2D game that will be shown during next week's event, but stops short of providing any actual details.

A sequel to 2010's Epic Mickey has been rumored for some time, to the extent that box art for the game has even been bandied about by a marketing survey. Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios, the development house behind Epic Mickey, was hit by layoffs last January after the Wii-exclusive title launched, likely due to massive losses in Disney's interactive (read: games) department.

Update: Disney Interactive declined to comment, saying it had "no information to share at this time."

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