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Blue Posts: New WoW comic strip, I remember when, "DK"

Adam Holisky

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Blue posts

Vaneras -- "DK"

Hello guys,

I've got an question for the Danish People, why do a lot of you people use the worths "DK" in your character name??

Example: Magedkdkdk
Example: Dkdkhunterdk

I am from The Netherlands (NL) and there's like 0 people using NL into their characters, is it just me or are Danish people going nuts xd?

Thanks for reading.

IDK haveDK indeedDK noticedDK theDK trendDK thatDK manyDK DanesDK likeDK toDK addDK dkDK toDK theirDK onlineDK identitiesDK. ItDK shouldDK beDK pointedDK outDK thatDK peopleDK ofDK otherDK nationalitiesDK doDK thisDK asDK wellDK, butDK IDK agreeDK thatDK manyDK DanesDK reallyDK seemDK toDK likeDK addingDK theirDK countryDK codeDK toDK theirDK nameDK.

AlthoughDK IDK amDK DanishDK myselfDK, IDK findDK thisDK trendDK ratherDK sillyDK andDK IDK neverDK reallyDK understoodDK whyDK anyoneDK feelDK theDK needDK toDK doDK thisDK. IDK realiseDK thatDK itDK isDK ofDK courseDK aDK matterDK ofDK nationalDK prideDK, butDK myDK personalDK theoryDK whyDK itDK isDK soDK commonDK amongstDK DanesDK, isDK thatDK specialDK DanishDK culturalDK asDK wellDK asDK subconsciousDK needDK toDK reassertDK ourselvesDK sinceDK weDK gotDK ourDK buttsDK massivelyDK kickedDK backDK inDK 1864DK. ImoDK thatDK wouldDK alsoDK explainDK whyDK weDK feelDK theDK needDK toDK decorateDK ourDK landscapeDK asDK wellDK asDK ChristmasDK treesDK withDK DanishDK flagsDK soDK muchDK :-)

New WoW Comic
We've added a new community comic to our gallery. This one was submitted by Brent Noll (Typica).

Takralus -- I remember when...
I remember when Paladin buffs lasted for 5 minutes and had to be applied to one character at a time.

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