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Explore Vinland and Rome with Uncharted Waters Online's latest update


Ahoy there, sailors. It's time once again to raise your sails, man your oars, and prepare for further adventures on the seven seas with Uncharted Waters Online. A new update to the game brings players a treasure trove of new content to explore, such as the new area of Vinland, which is inhabited by fierce vikings, and the grand city of Rome, where players can test out the freshly revamped ground combat system in new PvE challenges at the historical Coliseum.

On top of that, the update is also introducing a brand-new banking system that will allow players to keep their loot safe from plundering (for a minor fee, of course). And finally, players will be granted access to three new vessels in which to make the journey to Vinland. The first is the Immigrant Bark, which is modeled after the historical Mayflower that carried some of the first English settlers to North America. The other two ships are the six-sailed long schooner and commercial long schooner. So choose your vessel, get all hands on deck, and set your course for Vinland by heading over to the game's official site.

[Source: Netmarble press release]

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