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Rockstar head Houser nabs Capote mansion for $12.5 million


Dan Houser is the vice president of Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games makes some astoundingly popular games -- games that have net him quite a bit of dough over the years. So what does a super rich New Yorker with a flair for the creative do with all that dough? He buys a $12.5 million house, of course. And not just any house, but Truman Capote's original haunt in New York's Brooklyn Heights neighborhood (in "Broker" for all you GTAIV fans).

The beautiful canary yellow house features 18 rooms (11 bedrooms alone) and its $12.5 million asking price is the largest tag attached to a house in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood (as in, "of all time"). Houser also owns a loft on Greene Street in lower Manhattan, making the new locale his "vacation home." At least that's what we assume people refer to their Brooklyn homes as when they also own property in Manhattan. Those bridges are pretty long, ya know!

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