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Ubisoft dates Rocksmith for UK despite trademark issue


Ubisoft has issued a September 14 release date for its guitar teaching program Rocksmith in the UK. There's a small problem with that: Ubisoft hasn't actually cleared the trademark dispute that pushed the game into 2012 in the first place. "No agreement/deal has been reached and no meaningful dialogue engaged," Kris Ford, percussionist for the band Rocksmith, told Eurogamer.

Ford said the release date announcement was "interesting but no surprise." Proceedings with the European trademark office are expected to continue through June. Giving a date to the game is "a bit presumptive to say the least, as to the outcome of that process and decision." He admitted that Ubisoft could just launch the game as it did in the US, "which will mean the start of a different kind of legal battle in the UK courts." Ford then went on to hope for "another English victory" close to the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Really.

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