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Breakfast Topic: Would you go on a WoW cruise?


BlizzCon, SchmizzCon -- I want to go on a Blizzard World of Warcraft cruise. Did you know that cruise lines do theme cruises for types of stuff like this all the time? They sure do. Also, going on cruises is the best vacation because you don't have to think about anything. Jonathan Coulton had a cruise. Weezer has a cruise. They did Mac cruises.

WoW should have a cruise, and I'd go in a heartbeat. Let's get this going! Panels, shows, theme nights, and tons of fun with Blizzard employees -- doesn't this sound like an incredible time? I am such a giant nerd ...

Would you go on a WoW-themed cruise with Blizzard? It could totally happen. Have you ever been on a theme cruise before and have stories to tell? Sound off in the comments.

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