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Google Voice gets an ICS update, brings visual voicemail to the missed call log

Zach Honig

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To date, it seems that Mountain View has employed a loose definition of the term "integrated," neglecting to offer such Google Voice features as a unified messaging inbox, or an option to access voicemails without switching back to the dedicated app. Well we have some good news for those of you that haven't completely abandoned voice-based communication. The latest GV update adds a special topping to that Ice Cream Sandwich (sorry, Gingerbread men), letting you launch visual voicemails directly from your Android call log -- and bringing Voice integration a step closer to actually being integrated. You'll also have the power to slow down a message to jot down a callback number, or speed it up to get to the juicy stuff, like a callback number. Full details are at the source link below, or on your very own ICS handset after a quick trip to Play.

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