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iPhone shipments overtake BlackBerry in Canada, RIM now runner-up in its hometown


Heads up, RIM. The bad news train is coming to your backyard and only Mr. Heins can get you off the track. It appears not even local loyalties are enough to bolster the BlackBerry brand back into its former hometown glory. According to research provided by Bloomberg and IDC, Waterloo's Canadian prospects are dimming, as that chunk of revenue, which amounts to about seven percent of its total earnings, has begun to wither, putting the company in second place behind Apple. Last year alone, iPhone shipments in the region outstripped BlackBerry by nearly one million and its recently reported fiscal performance isn't helping to brighten the picture, either. With its 3rd quarter domestic sales down 23 percent and US revenue plummeting by almost half, the once prominent king of the smartphone sector has a long uphill battle ahead. For the company's sake, let's hope its annual BlackBerry World showcase, less than two months away, and anticipated BB 10 devices can turn its financial frown upside down.

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