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Leave your legacy with Star Wars: The Old Republic's newest dev dispatch video


Star Wars: The Old Republic's patch 1.2 is slowly creeping over the horizon, and that means players are one step closer to getting to try out the next steps in the game's Legacy progression system for themselves. In light of this, BioWare has released a new video highlighting the inner workings of the Legacy system to give players a look at what exactly they can expect.

Here's a recap for the uninitiated: The Legacy system unlocks after a character completes chapter one of the storyline, and from that point on that character will gain Legacy experience in addition to the normal combat experience. Progressing through the Legacy system will unlock a variety of spiffy treats -- such as special skills, new class-race combinations, account-bound gear, and more -- for all characters on a player's account. Obviously the benefits are greatest for altoholics (whoo!), but even one-character players will be able to benefit from the new abilities and other unlocks. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it; the full developer dispatch video can be seen just past the cut.

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