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Atlantica Online clocks its millionth player


After a big push for players to rope in their friends, Nexon is finally able to announce that Atlantica Online has reached the one million player mark -- and there's no looking back from here.

The millionth player was DevilsRuler of Sikyon, and he or she will receive a million NX (item shop currency) and a title that comes with a substantial attack and XP boost. As if a million people to have picked up Atlantica Online wasn't enough, Nexon is boasting a few other impressive stats. To date, over 2.2 million characters have been created, 1.6 million "friend pairs" created, and 18,866 homes built.

To celebrate this substantial milestone, Nexon is hosting Atlantica Day on Saturday, March 25th. Players who log in between 5:00 and 5:10 p.m. EDT will be granted a "Time's Witness" title that can be triggered for an attack power and defense buff.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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