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CCP shifts gears from DUST to EVE at Fanfest 2012

Jef Reahard

Day one of EVE Online's 2012 Fanfest is in the books, and it was quite the interesting spectacle from CCP's perch at the top of the world.

As expected, yesterday's juicy news centered on DUST 514, and we learned a bit about merc quarters, skills, and objectives. The devs also talked about DUST's battlefield resupply mechanics (which are somewhat unique for a shooter since every bullet, weapon, and vehicle must be produced before it can be airlifted to the front lines). We also got to see the first real footage of EVE/DUST integration courtesy of a live orbital strike coordinated between a ground trooper and a capsuleer.

Today looks just as interesting, and the focus will be shifting to EVE as CCP talks up the state of the game's economy, factional warfare, and a variety of other topics. As you're probably aware, you can catch all of this via our dedicated EVETV Livestream channel, and we'll have more info and analysis for you as the weekend rolls on.

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