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    Daily iPhone App: Save My Telly builds a new twist on physics puzzlers


    Save My Telly is the first physics puzzler game I've seen in a while that really surprised me. When I say "physics puzzler," you probably think Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, and these days on iPhone, 90% of the time you'd be right. But Save My Telly, which began as a Flash game that you can also play for free right here, is talking about a different kind of physics, really. In the game, you need to use physically modeled objects not to destroy, but to build.

    Specifically, you need to build a shelter for a beaver's most prized possession: His television. Using everything from wooden planks up to straw and steel, you set down objects either on each other or the TV, and then each of your structures needs to withstand whatever natural disaster the beaver faces that day, from tornados to rainstorms or even alien attacks. The game's tone is fun and silly, but there's actually a very solid engine at the core of this one, that models the different physical materials well.

    Unfortunately, there's not a ton of content here -- it's basically just the 60 single player challenges. There's a lot of complexity to go through in those, however, and there are a few different settings to mix it all up as well. Game Center integration is included, and if nothing else, Save My Telly should be lauded for trying something a little different with the whole physics puzzler sub-genre. If you like playing the game at the link above, give it a download on the App Store for 99 cents.

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