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Darksiders 2 will be a 'day one' Wii U launch title


Darksiders 2 is set to launch on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on June 26. The Wii U is slated to launch sometime around the "year-end season." When Nintendo unleashes its newest system on the world, Darksiders 2 will be there.

Word comes from Hayden Dalton, lead designer at Vigil Games, who revealed the info in an interview with Digital Spy. "That's been very interesting to see what those guys are doing, and they're making efforts to make sure we do use it in more than a slapdash way," Dalton said in regards to how Darksiders 2 will use the Wii U's unique controller. "It's basically the core game, but then with added abilities to do certain things that you can't do on the other consoles."

"We're not basically heavily changing the core game to support the control system, but the control system will be an enhancement of the core game," Dalton said. One example he provided was possibly being able to switch equipment on the fly -- as the player is running, they can tap on the controller and instantly change equipment, rather than having to pause and navigate through a menu. "That's huge, it's not breaking up the game in a way, I'm not going into a menu and assigning it, I'm literally just tapping as I'm playing."

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