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Retailers: Silent Hill: Book of Memories delayed until May 31

Jordan Mallory

Konami's attempt at a Silent Hill hat-trick for the month of March may have fallen short just before the buzzer: Silent Hill: Book of Memories has had its release date changed from March 27 to May 31, according to Amazon and Gamefly.

As you'll recall, Book of Memories was originally slated to be released in February, relatively alongside the Vita's North American debut. It was then delayed until March, as was the Silent Hill HD Collection, in an effort to extract the highest amount of retail synergy possible from Silent Hill: Downpour's release.

We've reached out Konami for confirmation; in the meantime, those of you who absolutely must be terrified on the go should load your MP3 player with the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.

Joystiq, its parent companies and their affiliates are not responsible for panic attacks, mental breakdowns or other disruptive/embarrassing public episodes caused by listening to the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack in public.

[Thanks, Adam!]

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