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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is reminding you about PAX East stuff

Jordan Mallory

PAX East is in, like, fewer than two weeks, you guys. That's really soon! If you plan on attending, you should probably start figuring out which of the myriad of panels and events you'll be going to. Might we be so bold as to suggest making The Joystiq Show: Live! part of your PAX East experience this year?

Almost the entire Joystiq Qrew is heading up to Boston for the event, and as if our various milkshakes weren't enough to bring the boys to the yard, or something, we're also giving away a substantial collection of baller swag during the show. While you're adding us to your schedule, check out our favorite webcomics from the last week, and vote for your favorite after the break.

Communion (Penny Arcade)
An Airing Of Grievances (VG Cats)
Situational Gravity (Awkward Zombie)
Deadlier Descents (Life in Aggro)
Spoiler Readiness: 100% (GameOver Nation)
Pictoral Pilgrimage (Hejibits)
The Journey (The Gamer Cat) [Warning: Journey spoilers]
Courageous and Caring (Brentalfloss: The Comic)


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