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How would you change the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus?


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We're big fans of Samsung's work and the prevailing feeling is that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the pinnacle of the family. The original 7-incher was too expensive and ran Android 2.2, so we were delighted to see the revamped edition running Honeycomb and costing a very reasonable $400 (it's even cheaper now). In our review, we couldn't find too much wrong with the device, in fact it's on a par with the 8.9, just a little bit smaller. But you, our friends out there, have had three or four months of constant use with this slate now, so how do you feel about it over the long-term? Does the slightly weaker screen resolution get you down? Do you wish you could make calls from it? Do you long for an S-Pen enabled edition? In a world chock-full of Samsung slates, what would you do to make this one the most desirable?

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