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Archos Arnova A9G3 tablet bares its backside for the FCC


Tablets have fared far better than smartphones under Ice Cream Sandwich's Lady Liberty embrace. While the market's seen a paucity of smaller-screened Android 4.0 devices, the opposite is true of its slate cousins. And Archos appears determined to further spread Google's latest OS love to the people with a G3 update to its budget-minded Arnova line. A tab bearing the model number A9G3 -- presumably the outfit's 9.7-incher -- has recently sailed through the FCC's gates with radios for WiFi b/g/n on board. As this particular unit's currently under confidential lock and key until early May, we weren't able to glean much insight into its spec underbelly, however, we were able to discern a dual speaker setup on its back. Judging by the French outfit's leaked roadmap, this low-end entry could be on track for a debut in 2012 and will reportedly retail for up to 150 Euros (about $199US). Need to know more? Then hit up the source below to meander through the Commission's filings.

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