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Newest letter from Naoki Yoshida outlines the plans for Final Fantasy XIV's next patch

Eliot Lefebvre

Patch 1.21 has just gone live, but many fans of Final Fantasy XIV are already looking ahead to patch 1.22. And it's understandable -- the game is kicking into the final stretch before the major relaunch, and that means new conflicts and new quests as the era draws to a close. Producer Naoki Yoshida recently released a new producer's letter detailing the list of features slated for inclusion with this next update, including the hamlet defense feature that was trimmed from patch 1.21.

This penultimate patch before version 2.0 will also see the conflict between Eorzea and the Empire escalate further, illustrated by the presence of a new Imperial stronghold for players to assault. There will be new Imperial weapons as a result, along with new quests and new Grand Company ranks. Currently slated for the end of April, this patch can be expected to deliver a number of improvements to the game, even if it may wind up being delayed a bit in the end.

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