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Not So Massively: MOBAs, shooters, and dungeon crawlers


This week's Torchlight II developer update visits the game's animation department, and Path of Exile reset all beta players' passive skills this week following the launch of patch 0.9.7. Blacklight: Retribution revealed some impressive usage statistics from its first few weeks of open beta, and Firefall showed off its impressive Mourningstar and Typhon costumes at gaming convention SXSW.

In the world of MOBAs, League of Legends released its new champion Lulu this week and published her official champion spotlight video. Dota 2 added classic hero Lycan and introduced a new private rating system to help players track which heroes they're good at playing. Finally, Wrath of Heroes has entered open beta and is already selling items in its cash shop.

League of Legends title image
Last week we heard about League of Legends' new support champion, Lulu, and her faerie companion, Pix. This week, Lulu's official champion spotlight video was released, demonstrating each of her skills and giving advice on how to play her in a game. Lulu is the first true support Riot has released in quite some time, with abilities that shield and buff allies while slowing enemies.

Although Lulu is a support champion, Phreak recommends playing her aggressively in the laning phase. Phreak reveals tricks like landing hits on two different champions with a single Glitter Lance and using the Help Pix ability on an attack damage carry. Their typically high attack speed will cause Pix to hit more frequently than if Lulu attacks on her own, increasing Lulu's damage output in a fight. Check out the champion spotlight video below for more tips and some gameplay footage.

Dota 2 title image
This week's Dota 2 update added classic hero Lycan to the pool and fixed dozens of recently discovered bugs afflicting other heroes. Valve revealed its new Hero Performance Rating system this week, which will show players how well they play particular heroes compared to others of the same skill rough level. Your rating will thankfully not be publicly visible. The Dota 2 beta was expanded this week, but if you're not in it and you want to see the game at its finest, check out this week's top ten DotaCinema plays below.

Firefall title image
If you've been keeping track of upcoming online open-world FPS Firefall, you'll probably have seen the impressive costumes built by Hollywood effects artist Steve Wang for the game's mascots Mourningstar and Typhon. At SXSW this week, actors Crystal Graziano and Lee Reherman donned their finished costumes as Red 5 Studios gave fans a sneak peek at the game. Firefall is currently in closed beta, with new invites set to go out soon. The beta will be expanded organically until it's practically an open beta, at which point the free-to-play game will launch. Check out the video below to see Typhon and Mourningstar in action at SXSW.

Blacklight: Retribution title image
The Blacklight: Retribution open beta has been running for several weeks now, and this week developer Zombie Studios released some impressive numbers on how it's progressing. A total of 14,000,000 minutes (over 230,000 hours) of matches have been played, with 280,000,000 bullets fired to net a total of 13,000,000 kills. Blacklight: Retribution's open beta will end on April 4th in just over a week, and the game will then officially go live. For more stats and some gameplay footage, check out the video below.

Path of Exile title image
Online dungeon-crawler Path of Exile deployed beta patch 0.9.7 this week, adding new monster types, skills, and unique items. The patch also comes with several major gameplay changes and a whole host of minor tweaks and balance updates. So many passive skills were modified in the patch that developers had to reset all beta characters' passive skills.

Torchlight II title image
This week's Torchlight II developer update delivers new information from animators Matt Lefferts and Colin Turner. Matt and Colin comprise the entire animation team and right now are working on emote animations for network and online play. The duo confirmed that Torchlight II will have flying pets and revealed that the number of character animations has almost tripled from the original game.

Wrath of Heroes title image
Button-mashing MOBA Wrath of Heroes officially entered open beta this week, and though the game isn't officially live yet, developers are already selling items in the cash shop. Microtransaction currency and heroes bought during the beta will still be available to use after launch, or a refund will be given for purchases.

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