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A Reggie Mii comes bearing gifts for 3DS' first birthday [update: Iwata too!]


The 3DS is one year old in North America today, and Nintendo's North American emissary, Reggie Fils-Aime, has embarked on a journey to give each and every 3DS owner some special gifts. Or, rather, his Mii is. North American 3DS owners who check out their Mii Plaza today will find a new guest has arrived: none other than Reggie himself. Surprise! He's been playing Kid Icarus: Uprising lately.

In addition to bringing his imposing mug to your Mii Plaza, Reggie also has a puzzle piece for Puzzle Swap and can be used as a level 5 hero in Find Mii. This probably goes without saying, but his character kicks ass. See him in action after the break.

Update: Joystiq reader Staeton notes that Reggie isn't the only special Mii floating around. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is making the rounds as well.

[Thanks, Greg!]

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